In 2008, after doing a year of military service, I was done with home. I really needed to get away and so I ran. For some reason I had the inner urge to try surfing. Probably because of Kelly Slaters Baywatch appearance but really, I have no clue. Destiny calling lol. California's legacy was working it's magic and there was no better place for getting introduced to the culture of surfing. I was dreaming of golden sunsets, surfergirls, epic waves and endless beach hang outs. To put it frankly, my hopes were not disappointed.

Through my journeys I learned that your home will always be "home".

Coming from Austria, I have been landlocked for the biggest part of my life. It's the land of snow, mountains and music. I grew up in Vienna, which is now my most favorite city besides Lisbon. The vibe, people, partying, food, architecture, friends, everything is really sweet there. If you ever end up there, definitely give me a ring. Unfortunately, there is no decent wave within a 2000 mile radius which brings us back to Cali.


Growing up in Austria I have been Skiing and Snowboarding for my whole life.
Snow and Mountains

Surfing is pure fascination. It's love, it's hate, it's a philosophy of life!

My first ride got me hooked on surfing and ever since, I have been traveling and chasing waves around the world. Three month of language school turned into 4 years and a double degree in Philosophy and Communication. After graduating from UCSB, I moved to Portugal, where I first worked as a surf instructor and later completed my Masters degree in Marketing. For the last two years, I have been documenting my travels and recently got into surf photography.

Taking pictures of the ocean and being surrounded by waves & water feels amazing

Photography is an intuitive way of expressing myself. When taking pictures, I try to catch the beauty of human interaction and nature. Being in the water and taking pictures of the ocean environment immediately felt amazing and "right". It gives me the opportunity to show something that I fell in love with. By transferring my personality onto my pictures, I strive to display the ease of life and spread positive vibes and energy. Ultimately, if you get inspired by what I do just a tiny, tiny bit, I achieved more than I could ever hope for. If you got to this point, I want to thank you very much for reading and getting to know me a bit. If you have any questions regarding surfing, traveling or photography, I am always happy to help. I am eager to improve and therefore would appreciate your feedback and comment. To keep up with the latest and greatest find me on facebook.


All the best and much love




ps. keep on riding, keep on smiling

I strive to inspire people. Inspire them to travel, live their passions and experience the beauty of this planet!       That's my mission.