It's Time to Say "Adeus"

"This was one of the best years of my life" (Robin Johnston)

Right he is, and come on people, a guy with that life experience (age) must know. There is really not much to add to this. Lisbon was an amazing experience. I think, I haven't met a single person who did not enjoy his time her, who did not fall in love with this place and who does not want to come back here. However, we all had to experience that..... 

.....a place is only as good, as the people who stay there are......

No paradise in the world is going to be worth living, if you don't experience friendship. Bonding with people, going with them through ups and having them by your side through downs, is ultimately what makes this life so persuable. It's the people who really create this experience. Top that with a magnificent city, beach, ocean, surf, good weather, great and affordable food, more scenic views than you had beers at Erasmus corner (ok, maybe not), and you know that you are in Lisbon.

About Good-Bye's-- It's really hard to leave

Since this experience is so much based on the bonds you made, inevitably, the hard part always comes at the end. In the last couple days, I have seen enough tears drop, to fill up the Teijo in an hour. Oukayyyyyyy, mostly my own, you got me. Maybe I am wrong, but there is always this certain emptyness in your belly when it's time to say "good-bye", when somebody that you really liked goes away. I have experienced that a lot in my life, I also have seen it a lot and it seems like something that is very hard to control.

However, this is not to be dramatic, but look into this bright future with energy and positivity

There are two things that I can promise you. One is, that the pain goes away and the positive memories will remain. Embrace your feelings and in the end you will see, that this experience made you stronger. Even more, the "end", is just the beginning of many wondeful friendships. In this super connected world, it is easier than ever to stay connected and it's easier than ever to meet and see each other. The second thing I have learned is that when shit really starts going down,........

.........good friends will never leave your side, no matter where you are or how long you have been gone or which path you take

This is really the ultimate thing I have learned and something that has given me a lot of strenghts. The thought that there will always be people who care about you, family, friends, ect and that they will not disappear, will help you to feel better. At this point, I do want to say "THANK YOU", to my family, to all the great people from Lisbon, to all my friends at home and around the world. I am blessed to have met you and I hope you will be part of my future.

Last but not least, we Lisboetas, we have to leave with a legacy. And this is just a little, stupid and romantic idea but I think it's worth dreaming. In 6 years from now, when we are all married, old and our lives are over (sorry, I meant better than ever), we will meet again in Lisbon, to remember this time and see where our lives have taken us! Keep the spirit, keep the dream!

Reunion: Lisbon, 2020, September

Nicaragua (6.7-22.9)

The ending of something, is at the same time, the the beginning of a new adventure

As for myself, I will be heading out to Nicaragua for the next 3 month to work as a surf photographer and pursue my photography career. Please check surf mags regularly for my cover shots :D Haha, well, let's see but I will give it a shot. I hope to be serving you with the finest pictures and will also starting to sell my best prints. If you like one of them, they are always cheaper at the beginning.....NOT.


I need to improve and work hard, but I also need your support. If you like my pictures, I appreciate every share, like, critique or good word. I really hope you can get some positive aspirations and it really means something to hear your voice!


Peace and Love





Many of you asked me for pictures. In the next couple of days I will post them here in this blog for you to download! Stay tuned

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