30 Sunsets in Lisbon, #4 Portas do Sol

Miradouro Santa Luzia.

To arrive to the scenic view, catch the historic tram 28 and enjoy a breathtaking ride through the center of Lisbon. When it's packed, try to enter in the rear because sometimes you won't get in at the front. Don't be shy, nobody really cares. Motto: No trams unridden. If you can grab a seat, open the window and enjoy the wind in your hair.

Enjoy a majestic view of the Teijo

50mm, f2.2,1/2500sec
50mm, f2.2,1/2500sec

Music, Smokes and a Moment of Peace

This miradouro is magnificent because it offers great possibilities to get your own comfort zone and space. There is little, sheltered seats everywhere and it is very calm and quiet. You can sit on the wall, lean against the statues and just let your mind float. I spend about half an hour just sitting there, listening to music and enjoying the view over the Teijo. When I was observing other people it really seemed like they were here for the same reasons.

Looking over the Tejo! Idyllic
50mm, f1.8, 1/640sec
Check this place out if you need a break!
50mm, f3.5, 1/200sec

Right to the left side of the miradouro Santa Luzia you have Portas do Sol, a big platform offering another great view point. The set up is a bit different. It is a wide open space that is less private, and more crowded but still amazing.

At the porch of portas do sol. Lock your love at the end of the railing

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