#30 Sunsets in Lisbon

Tonight: Mirodouro São Pedro de Alcantara

Everybody who has lived in Lisbon for a while knows how amazing this city is! In fact, most people I meet, never want to leave this place again. You have a rich culture, beautiful architechture, tasty food, pumping night-life, good weather, sun, beach, ocean, surf, Benfica, fado, elephante branco, pensão amor, bifanas, and last but not least, many stunning viewpoints and miradouro's. The city is small and big at the same time, with the familiarity of a small town but also with a richness and diversity of a mega-city.

Time is coming to an end........

Unfortunately, everything has to come to an end and so is ours approaching. More than ever, it is time to utilize every moment to the fullest and have the best time possible. For that reason we decided to come up with a plan, where we will meet every evening to watch the sunset from a different place, viewpoint, park, beach, ect. It's time to say good bye to places we love and maybe discover one or another that we don't know yet. This is the time to gather all together, drink some wine, take some pictures and enjoy.

Join and Spread the Idea! Thanks

We want to welcome anybody to join us for this little project. Bring yourself, bring friends and bring good vibes. The place for the following day will always be announced here and on Facebook. If you have great ideas for places, we are happy for any suggestions. If yo are into photography, bring your camera, I-phones, ect. Hope to see you all somewhere ;)

Meeting Time: 20:45

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