Robin and Simone's Rooftop BBQ

"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it" (Confucius)

Spending an relaxing afternoon with friends. BBQ Time
Lisbon Rooftop BBQ

WOW! It is really not hard to see and feel the beauty of Lisbon when you are standing on the rooftop of Robin and Simone's house. This is simply a magical place. It is calm and relaxing but at the same time electrifying and stunning. If you are looking for peace and a great view, hit me up and I will forward you their numbers :p. ps: You gotta be charming, preferably a girl (Simone) or a man (Robin) :D.........just kidding guys, ok ;) !?  


Not only the view made this a very special afternoon. Everybody was super nice, brought good energy and enjoyed their time. There was a great mix of people from all over the world from Madagascar to Serbia. All this was rounded up with superb food from our BBQ Chef Simone, who made sure that Lisbon's best Bifanas and Steaks were prepared on his grill that day.


All in all, another great day in this amazing city. Summer is coming so stay prepared for much more action around! Guys, it is time to get loose in Lisbon! Let's enjoy this time! Vollgas



Beijinhos cwd


ps. Below you have a short commentary video and even more below a gallery with the pictures ;) Enjoy

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